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    Feb 21, 2014
    There have been several times since Captain died (Guide was doing fine, up until then) where I wondered if the two chapters a week schedule is what enabled Errata to dawdle his way through Dormer and now up to Diabolist, or if it's just the saving fucking grace of this book.

    We really didn't need a whole eight chapters of prep time between Cat getting back into creation and finally pulling out her sword at Dormer. We sure as hell didn't need another eight between her waking up from the coma and this battle. There was some pretty good stuff in there, sure, but he also spent an entire chapter on Kegan spilling the beans about what fuels the Watch. Plenty of easy room for condensation that would've gone a long way in tightening this bastard of an ending.

    Also really surprised we didn't get an Anaxares interlude to break up the Dormer and Diabolist arcs, like what usually happens. Story certainly could've used one not just for breathing room but also to just tie up some of the messy loose ends of the Free Cities story. Establishing peace, if nothing else. I can't imagine it all has to be put off until the Epilogue.
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    It might be, actually. IIRC, Cat still owes that Fae Prince the Crowns of Seven Kings and One or whatever, which is pretty obviously the Free Cities and the Hierarch, which means after having a fun time bleeding her country dry on the Fae and the Diabolist, she'll have the chance to have lots of them die in the South.

    ...You ever wonder if maybe becoming a villain was perhaps unwise? Because at this rate, Cat's gonna have the Callow she wants at the cost of everyone in it.