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Discussion in 'Worm' started by NoxedSalvation, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Snapdragon

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    Sep 7, 2014
    Darth Marrs' stories are just plain frustrating to me. They leave a bad aftertaste, every damn time.

    One problem with him is that his scenes are most likely just a stage temporarily created so he could move his sock puppets through it. Everything feels forced and plot driven.

    The guy is extremely productive and has a big imagination but always sabotages himself unnecessary. He could and should be better which makes them annoying.

    I stopped reading him which makes me less cranky. But occasionally I produce such an outburst when I see his name pop up.

  2. ibskib

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    Oct 14, 2011
    I stopped reading his stuff for pretty much the same reason, he has some entertaining ideas, but his general execution and insistence on pointless grimderpness just makes me sad.
    Someone commented in this thread a while ago about how Ack forces the characters to fit the plot rather than shaping the plot around the characters.
    I thought that was well put and it certainly describes Marrs also.
    A common amateur mistake that's less obvious than stuff like insufficient proofreading, or telling instead of showing, but just as damning for a narrative.
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    I just finished this after stalling out for a bit. There are some parts that I'm really not into, and then there are some parts I am. This story is like atypical of what SB produces as a whole. Needless escalation for escalation's sense. The whole Skitter being told to kill Legend, the whole Contessa bit. The way that the PRT treats Harry as a threat, violates the endbringer truce and incarcerates him.

    The Coil set them all up arc and how he's basically on the run atm, and no one can catch him felt really forced. Usually I don't comment on things like that too much, but it pretty much went from Coil exposed us. Thomas Calvert threw me under the bus, threw all of us. The character deaths to sell the cause, Shadow Stalkers as an agent of Coil. The fact that the protectorate doesn't believe Harry, but then they do, but uses their belief of him as a means to get him into the wards.

    Its like the most ham fisted attempt I've ever read, and that's saying something.

    Lets not even mention the HP crossover elements from his other fics.
    They're at the levithan arc. I feel like he will either abandon this or he'll lose interest soon. Levithan arc is the death of most Worm ff that is like this. Similar to how the Wave arc is for Naruto.