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    Hey guys,

    I know Taure created a thread about Fitness in 2016 and it had a bit of interest in it. So I thought I'd make one.

    I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be on DLP about..5 years ago, and even then it was sporadic IRC chat. I plan to use this thread to track my workouts and offer advice about training, and to engage a bit more with people.

    My background and why the fuck I am qualified to give advice:

    Qualified PT (realistically this means jack, PT qualifications are a piss take to get)
    Qualified Strength and Conditioning coach (lil bit more legit, qualified via KBT education, v good company if anyone's interested in their stuff)
    Background of Thai Boxing

    The studies are coming in more and more often that resistance training offers more and more benefits compared to traditional cardiovascular methods. So if your goal is fat loss, consider using more resistance based training than the treadmill. This isn't to say you won't lose weight running or biking, Oz was a great example of cardio working, but for the most part resistance training in the gym tends to work out best.

    Diet: A calorie deficit is key to losing weight. Losing fat requires a decent amount of protein (shoot for 1g per lb of body weight, or take your weight in kg and multiple it by 2-2.5) and 0.5 of your bodyweight in lbs for carbs. This is a general rule of thumb and will depend on the individual but this seems to be a decent starting point.

    If you take your bodyweight in lbs and multiply it by 12, you'll get a rough estimation of your calorie deficit needed to lose weight.

    You can then work out how to spread your calories out by taking your protein intake in grams and multiplying it by 4.

    Then your carbs are also multiplied by 4.

    Add them together and subtract from your calories, divide the number by 9 and you have the amount of fat you need to intake.


    180lb individual is 180g of protein per day.
    180x0.5 is 90g per day for carbs.

    180x4 = 720
    90x4 = 360

    720 + 360 = 1090.

    180 x 12 = 2,160, the number of calories needed to lose weight.

    2160 - 1090 = 1070

    1070/9 = 118g. That's your fats.

    So our stats are:

    180g of protein
    90g of carbs
    118g of fats

    2160 calories per day.

    I'll make a post about strength training, which protocols are best to follow in another post as this is getting quite lengthy. Please ask any questions, folks. Want to generate some chat and discussion on the topic.
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    Nice! I started on my fitness journey 3 months ago, and this thread is perfect to trace my progress a bit.
    I'm currently bulking untill the end of february and then it's time to get schredded.

    My calorie intake at the moment is 2800 on a good day and around 2400 on a bad day.
    I workout 3/4 times a week where I mainly do compound exercises to build strength and I use progressive overload to get stronger.

    I'm worried about my protein intake, on a normal day i get about .5 grams per lb of bodyweight and that should be 1 right?
    And what are your gym routines? Interesting to know
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    I'm doing keto and bodyweight fitness, and both are showing nice results. For the workout part, I'm keeping to the recommended routine in the bodyweight fitness subreddit. It covers everything nicely, and is a great introduction.

    Since nutrition is where the real fatloss battle is fought however, keto is where it's at in my opinion.

    I'm not too strict, but I try to keep it within the range of 1800 - 2400 kcal/day. Macros are ~130-150g of protein; < 20g net carbs; and about 130-150g fat, depending on what I eat during the day. So my diet is mostly nuts, cheese, meat, green veggies, and eggs.

    It's working out well, and I'm quite happy with the results so far.