What media are you consuming?

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    Jun 8, 2010
    Anime of the day:

    Spice and Wolf - a travelling merchant encounters a local harvest goddess who joins him in a journey. Lots of fascinating insights into the local world and economy provide a really good backdrop to some genuinely enjoyable character interactions. Also happens to be among the best anime dubs I've ever heard.

    Book of the day:

    The Red Knight - a mercenary band is hired to defend an abbey from an invading army of monsters. There's a novel, albeit erratic interpretation of the monstrous wilderness trope, and a bigly variety of nasty critters. Things go a little off the rails in later books, but so long as you don't take it overly seriously it's a remix on the old Arthurian cliche with enough changes to make it a completely new story which just hints at the familiar legends.

    Game of the day:

    Dragon Quest Builders - this is a lot like a minecraft building clone, but structured with mild rpg elements which set it apart. It's a lot smaller in scale, but I enjoyed the tighter focus that gave gameplay. I struggle to advance the story however because I compulsively build and tear down my base rather than advancing the plot.

    Movie of the day:

    The Jungle Book - the 2016 version. Man. Idris Elba as Shere Khan. 'nuff said.