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    So S1 is done and we're into S2. I meant to post earlier with my impressions but although I still find the show enormously enjoyable of course, so much has been said about GoT that it's challenging to come up with something new.

    It almost kind of sucks to see the difference between writing in S1 and S7. You can tell D&D had their choice of the best bits of some superb plotting. I don't think there's a minute of wasted screentime. Every moment does something to establish the world, characters, conflict, or plot. The cast they got for this show is fucking lightning in a bottle--which doesn't diminish the obviously titanic work that went into the project.

    The OG King In Da Norf scene is still my winner over Jon's.

    The look in Jorah's eyes when he became the devout disciple.

    The salt when Theon is like "we're brothers, brah" knowing what is to come.

    The realization I'd never had before that Bronn's story throughout the show is one of my my favorites even though he's a secondary character. He managed to get his own "rising through the ranks" underdog journey right along with Jon and Dany.

    Forward unto S2.