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    So, another gacha game thread. Been thinking about playing this as it seems fun enough but really don't know anything about it. Anyone here playing this?

    I am a completely new player who really just started, so I am completely at the beginning. My question would be thus: How important are the first rolls when starting out? Should I reroll until I get some specific players because otherwise I would be screwed since I'm not planning to dump a lot of money into this game (if any) or is anything good and one can get a solid team through playing the game regardless of the starting roll?

    My current roll has only three four star characters but those are Eden, Rosaria and Rize and I think Eden at least is supposed to be a decent card. In my case, do I reroll or is that a starting point that is good enough?

    Not even sure if I will stick with it but if we have players around, would appreciate a bit of advice.