What you think of Harry/Ginny?

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    To be honest, this is all a matter of taste. As someone, who takes grades and academics very serious, basically a Hermione trait, it makes me much less averse to Harry/Hermione. Besides, a Hermione portrayed by Emma Watson simply outscores Ginny.

    Personally, I don't dislike Harry/Ginny in general. On a sidenote, I might not like "Ginny" or "Ginevra" because in my opinion it's an awful name, but that's just me making an issue out of nothing. After reading fanfiction for years, including, although mostly accidentally and regretfully, Harry/Ginny fluff and all that knight and princess stuff, I can't help but be wary of any new Harry/Ginny story recommendations.
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    My interest in Harry/Ginny entirely depends on how well realized the author can make Ginny. Rowling just didn't give Ginny a ton of screen time, which means that she's not overly developed as a character, compared to, say, Hermione, Tonks, or even Luna. If the fanfiction author can take Ginny in an interesting direction, I'll read it. However, 99% of the time she's just relegated to bargain bin Bella Swan- which is pretty damn pathetic.

    It's kind of a shame really, since I think you could actually turn Ginny into quite the little dark witch, if an author were so inclined. Basically take all of the hilariously shitty characterization from Indy-Harry stories, and apply it to Ginny. I'd read the shit out of that, if it were well handled.
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    Ginny is cool. I prefer her as a pairing compared to Hermione. I don't remember the fic, but there was a Ginny that really seemed like she had 6 bothers and grew up poor. If that makes any sense. She had home remedies for looking/smelling good and played in the mud when she was younger. Made the character more interesting than throwing in a bat bogey every now and then.